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Mission Statement

With integrity, selflessness and exorable passion, our commitment is to build lasting relationships that enable our clients to achieve their goals.

Who We Are

Fortis Lux derived it's name from the Latin words Strong and Light: showing strength and bringing light into times of uncertainty.

When you take one of the strongest financial institutions in the United States, with a 165 year old history, and infuse it with energy, vitality and innovation, you have the best of both worlds.

Introducing Fortis Lux Financial; A uniquely positioned Wealth Management firm. 

Fortis Lux Financial, in partnership with MassMutual, offers integrated wealth management solutions that help turn clients' financial goals into enduring multi-generational personal wealth. Focusing on a wide range of needs in the areas of investments, taxes, philanthropy, estate planning, risk management and advice, Fortis Lux Financial is at the forefront of the financial industry. We do this by delivering strategic portfolio services in; public equity, fixed and variable income and absolute return investments across multiple sectors and industries.

Fortis Lux Financial provides a people-intensive, value-added approach to being absolutely "brilliant at the basics." Corporate integrity and personal accountability, instilled at the firms' founding remain at the core of Fortis Lux’s competitive advantage.


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