Life After Sports

Short Career

The career span of a professional athlete is extremely short. Many people believe that athletes are capable of playing well into their thirties and forties. The average career length of the top professional sports in the United States is:

* NFL- Average career length as reported by the NFL Players Association.
* NBA - Average career length of an NBA player at the start of the 2008-2009 season was 4.82, quoted by TIME magazine and the NBA.
* MLB- Average career length derived from study performed by University of Colorado at Boulder research team, and published
* NHL- Average career length for all skaters (forwards & defense) from 1917-2004, as derived by a study.

Changing Career

After retirement, athletes must decide if they can live off their accumulated wealth or seek a new career.

Life after sports can be challenging for athletes. Skills learned on a football field or basketball court don’t always translate to other professions.

A small percentage of athletes are able to transition into careers such as broadcasting, reporting, and acting. Other athletes must attempt to utilize degrees that they earned in college, but have never used in the workforce. Fortis Lux advisors help their clients plan for the possibility of a new career after retiring from professional sports.


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