About Us

We came together as an organization, and have been working as a team, since 2010. In 2016, we decided to formalize our working relationship to form a corporate entity and to brand our unique offering using the name Fortis Lux.

Fortis Lux is a comprehensive financial planning firm that offers wealth management solutions, protection, risk management, trust and estate planning advice, and solutions to address your present and future financial needs.

The genesis of our name represents our two objectives. First, through our knowledge and expertise, we seek to help you strengthen and protect your financial position, hence Fortis, a Latin root for “strong.”

Second, we also know that when you face uncertainties, illness, or other challenges, those are the times when we are at our best. In darkness and confusion, our role is to shed light and show the way forward, hence Lux, the Latin root for “light.”