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Dmitry Konnov

Dmitry Konnov joined Fortis Lux as a Managing Director in 2017. During the past fifteen years he has experienced various angles of the financial services business at several major firms in New York.

Dmitry launched his financial career in 2001, initially as a stockbroker. He was well into his career when he was introduced to the role of a comprehensive financial advisor. He found the planning approach to be refreshing. “After concentrating solely on returns for so long, I found myself longing to do work that actually meant something to a person’s future,” says Dmitry.

As a financial advisor, he appreciated sitting down with people, understanding their full financial picture and helping them to articulate their goals. For many, it included accumulating enough wealth to realize a dream, protecting families from the unexpected, and helping them plan their estate and legacy needs.

While Dmitry’s personal practice continued to grow, he was called upon to serve in a leadership role. He transitioned to a management track, and dedicated himself to serving his team. As a Managing Director at Fortis Lux, Dmitry is responsible for recruitment and retention of top advisors. “I look for people who are eager to learn, and unafraid of hard work because they know it will pay off in the long run,” he says.

Dmitry credits his parents for instilling his core values of hard work, honesty and loyalty. “My family came here from the Ukraine with very little; we achieved success as a result of hard work and believing in something bigger than ourselves,” he says. In Fortis Lux, he sees a bigger mission, strong leadership and the opportunity to engage in entrepreneurship and innovation. “In an industry that is largely matured, Fortis Lux is a point of light.”

Dmitry graduated from Baruch College with a degree in business. He loves his family above all, and enjoys spending time with his wife and their young daughter. He is an avid sports fan.