Joseph Shalom

Joe Shalom graduated from Baruch College with his BA in Marketing at the age of 19 after only two and a half years of attendance. This serves as an example of his drive, commitment and excitement for sharpening his skills and intelligence. Alongside getting his education, he worked for a wholesale apparel company. He was employed there for five years and in that short time was promoted to the Vice President of Operations for the company. With his current skill set, Joe now looks forward to being a business owner and working alongside clients to capitalize on their best interests. With his experience, expertise and motivation he has a great understanding of what it takes to run, manage and build a solid business. He looks forward to using this comprehensive approach to serve his clients in making the most informed financial decisions that retain and continue to build their wealth.

Joe enjoys spare time with his wife of two years. He has been a longtime fan of basketball and plays whenever he gets the chance.