Rufus Davenport

Rufus Davenport, CFA has extensive experience in investment management and research. Prior to joining Fortis Lux Financial, he held various roles in this area, including equity analyst, equity portfolio manager, fixed income salesperson, and head of Investment Manager Due Diligence. With his extensive range of knowledge, Rufus was appointed as a pension investment officer to help manage a multi-billion dollar defined benefit pension plan for a major insurance company.

Rufus’ interests are working in tandem with clients to help them build plans of action, allowing them the opportunity and access to strategic objectives that strive to preserve and manage their wealth. Rufus contents himself in joint efforts with clients to develop a well-suited program for their lives. His knowledge of wealth management allows him the capacity to suggest appropriate programs, which can then be tailored to their needs. He also provides guidance regarding insurance needs- life insurance, disability income, long-term care and business protection are specialties of his. He takes great care to make sure his clients are satisfied with their joint initiative. Rufus earned the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation which has provided him with a wealth of experience with investments and insurance.

Rufus is married with two kids, and in his down times spends time with family. Rufus hails from a small town in Michigan which explains his deep affinity for all “Detroit based” sports teams.