Alain received his life, health and accident license in 2015 and is currently preparing for his securities examinations. He is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University where he attained his Bachelor of Science in Bio-Behavioral Health. Born and raised just a stone’s throw away from the city, Alain grew up on Long Island with aspirations of one day being able to work in the Big Apple while helping others, a dream that was fulfilled after joining Fortis Lux in the summer of 2016. Alain is now a specialist in risk management and protection planning, where he is able to provide a broad portfolio of individual and group insurance protection as well as asset accumulation strategies to clients.

In his free time, Alain enjoys playing basketball, meditating as well as going to the beach. Alain looks forward to working closely with the advisors in our firm in order to gain the knowledge as well as the expertise needed to help our clients with their unique situations.