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David Rizzo


A high-energy entrepreneur, former attorney, financial services industry veteran and top talent acquisition pro, David Rizzo joined Fortis Lux as a Managing Director in 2017. Not only does David bring over fifteen years of sales and training leadership, he is a seasoned businessperson who successfully raised capital and profitably sold an internet startup to a publicly-traded company.

Having worked at several of the largest financial services firms has given David unique insight into the competitive landscape. All the more impressive to hear him say that what attracted him to Fortis Lux is its vision and leadership. “Advisors are choosing to work under the Fortis Lux umbrella because they recognize the level of innovation that is at work here,” he adds.

An engaging and persuasive communicator, David gets particularly excited when he speaks about Fortis Lux. David loves to tell experienced advisors about the firm’s commitment to teams, support infrastructure, mentorship (at every stage of the career), and actionable advisor succession strategies. “We get the right people on the right teams with the right support,” he says. “What we are doing here in terms of career development for our advisors is way ahead of the curve.”

“Also, this is a great career for someone who is seeking an intellectual challenge, high return on investment, and the opportunity to impact people’s lives,” he adds, citing how many former attorneys he has attracted to the career.

David devotes his non-working hours to helping friends succeed in other business ventures. Among other things, he is active on the board of his New York City co-op. How does he do it all? “Extreme time management skills, a disciplined diet, and lots of tennis,” he shares.

David has an MBA in Marketing and Finance, and a law degree from the Massachusetts School of Law. He earned his undergraduate degree at Villanova University.