About Us

Katie Nunez

Katie began her financial services career soon after she graduated from Baruch College with a BA in Corporate Communications and a minor in Art. She has a strong work history in clientele services and public relations with predominately fashion, entertainment and lifestyle brands. Katie came to an early realization that she wanted to be in the business of helping others help themselves. She transitioned into financial services in the summer of 2016. With the understanding that finances play a huge role in a person’s life, she is passionate about helping them reach their goals.

Working with a team that mirrors Katie’s principles is important to her. She naturally decided to continue her career with Fortis Lux Financial in January of 2017 because of the company’s core values ¬¬- specifically taking a holistic approach of the financial planning process and the resources it provides for her clients. At Fortis, Katie works with a team of tenured advisors and leverages their expertise in different areas to enhance the overall client experience in their financial journey. Katie focuses on providing financial education and guidance for professionals in the entertainment and fashion industry; educating them on tax efficient solutions and preserving multi-generational wealth. She believes in forging significant relationships with those around her by creating a sense of cordiality and commodity.

Katie’s hobbies include photography, running outdoors, and going to art exhibitions – but, above all, her favorite is spending time with her family.

Domiciled in NY