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Ed Zang

Edward began his professional career in wealth management in 1999 with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter in Greenwich, CT. While there, he developed a deep understanding of investment products and offerings, leading him to manage the wealth of a select group of high net worth individuals in Darien, CT.

Edward opened his own wealth management outfit in New York which he ran until 2011, when he was made an offer to join MetLife Premier Client Group, for his unique skill set of investment selection and management. He is committed to offering the highest level of investment techniques to every investor; his extensive knowledge of investing allows him to provide complex strategies to each of his clients with easy to understand advisement. The approach he uses for investment selection is a combination of fundamental and technical analysis.

In 2016, MetLife Premier Client Group was acquired by the MassMutual Financial Group, and Hudson Wealth Advisors was merged into Fortis Lux Financial.

Edward is a graduate of Lehigh University, class of 1996, with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME).

Domiciled in NY