with Millennial Strategies

It’s time to end the trash-talk about Millennials’ sleeping, tweeting, and texting habits. It’s time to recognize that yours is a generation that’s resourceful, savvy, and that cares about the future. It’s time to stop talking down to you, to stop trying to sell you stuff, and to stop trying to convince you to give up your lifestyle in the name of responsibility.

It’s time to take you seriously. We’re ready.

We are well aware that Millennials have a difficult relationship with the financial services industry. The age gap between advisor and client is typically quite large. What your advisor wants you to do isn’t necessarily your top priority. And let’s face it; the areas in which you first need help are not always the most profitable for our business.

We know all this, and we still want to work with you. Because we agree with you, that debt and school loans and things like weddings and down payments are all legitimate concerns that need to be addressed – now.

The way we see it, we’re building a relationship for the long term. We want to go slow and steady, knowing that we’ll be working with each other for decades to come. So if that means that we spend a few years working on the basics so that your mind can be at ease, so be it. We’ll be all the better for it.

If you’re curious to hear more – with absolutely no obligation – drop us a line, and we’d be happy to chat over a cup of coffee.

Top Ten Reasons Millennials Don’t Engage With A Financial Planning Professional

10.  I’m still in school, I can figure out this money stuff after I graduate.
9.  I’m working, I’m young, I’ll have time to do this when I grow up.
8.  I don’t make a lot of money.
7.  I’m smart, I work in finance.
6.  I don’t need someone to tell me how to live my life.
5.  I should wait until I buy or refinance my home.
4.  I should wait until I pay off my (student or credit card) debt.
3.  I already get advice from my CPA, attorney and/or HR rep.
2.  Working with an advisor is expensive, and I don’t trust how you people get paid.
1.  Can’t I just go online to find the answers?

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