Professional Athletes

Professional athletes tend to accumulate wealth relatively early in life.  They also generally have short careers.
Unfortunately, many players fail to implement a sound financial plan, leaving them susceptible to unforeseen adversity once their careers end.

Many people believe that athletes are capable of playing well into their thirties and
forties. However, the average career length of the top professional sports in the
United States is:
–  NFL – 3.5 years *
–  NBA – 4.8 years *
–  MLB – 5.6 years *
–  NHL – 5.5 years *

Professional Athletes team is dedicated wholly to the financial planning needs of those who wish to finish strong, beyond the scope of their athletic careers. Our experienced advisors will partner with you to leverage your discipline and focus – the very attributes that enabled you to reach the pinnacle of your career – and transfer those abilities to managing your finances.

We begin by offering you the financial education you need in order to be an active decision-maker on your own behalf.  All too often, we meet pro athletes who have lost their hard-earned wealth because they trusted the wrong people, or invested in inappropriate financial vehicles that were entirely
unsuitable to their needs.

* The website below is the source for the page with the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL statistics.

With our help and guidance, you will make decisions with regard to the distribution of your wealth,
protecting the ones you love for generations to come, and to leaving the legacy you wish through philanthropic pursuits or other endeavors.

– Comprehensive financial planning
– Wealth management
– Trusts and estate planning strategies
– Risk management
– Tax efficient strategies
– Charitable giving strategies

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