Protect Your Income with Disability Insurance

If you or someone you love experiences an accident that leaves them disabled or becomes ill with a disease, you may find yourself worrying about how yours or their income will be covered while they are unable to work for an extended period of time. Fortunately, disability insurance can help protect your income in the […]

Who Benefits from Disability Income Insurance?

If you’ve developed an illness or injury that puts you out of work, disability income insurance can help you receive your financial benefits so you can move forward with your life and travel the road to recovery in peace of mind. With DI insurance, you’ll be able to continue paying your mortgage or rent, pay […]

Welcome to Fortis Lux Financial’s Blog

At Fortis Lux Financial, we strive to offer qualified financial security, investment advising, and financial planning to all of our customers. Through our partnership with MSI Financial Services and Felix Maltisky, our wealth management solutions have allowed us to become one of the most uniquely positioned wealth management firms. The purpose of this blog is […]